Real Time Data

Squirrel gathers data that is not in traditional salary surveys. It is always on the move to quickly find you the most current compensation data possible. Generally, Squirrel uncovers 10,000 – 15,000 new jobs with salary information day.

Review Competitor Specific Data

Squirrel is nimble. It consolidates millions of data points from publicly available sources and shows you exactly what competitors are willing to pay for the same jobs you want to hire and retain.

View Market Trends

The competitive talent market is changing faster than ever before, but Squirrel has you covered to stay competitive. Squirrel’s smart and powerful platform gives a live look at how the cost of jobs you’re competing for are changing on a daily basis.

More Data and More Detail Than Ever Possible Before

Squirrel gathers more data every day to add the collection, so these numbers are already outdated.  


Track the Market in Real-Time

Instantly track how much the market is moving every day based on the millions of real data points in our database.

Find Where The Talent Is

Since Squirrel is not a traditional salary survey, we’re able to show you not only the most common market reference points that compensation practitioners are used to and expect, but we can also show you details that have never been possible before. 

Want to know the specific Company, the location, and the salaries being offered?  Now you can with the most current data available.  

Salary Profile Reports

Squirrel includes your traditional roles as well as the harder to find roles.  Our salary profile reports include distribution of salraies, breakouts by experience and location.