Intelligent Compensation, LLC
Intelligent Compensation, LLC


Founded in 1996, Intelligent Compensation, LLC is a client centric Compensation, Performance Management and Business/Human Resources Consulting Firm located in the Greater Austin, Texas area. The company is known for providing practical ideas and customized solutions for organizations across the country that seek help to solve their compensation problems and to help maximize their operational performance and organizational effectiveness. This is accomplished through collaborative efforts to design, develop, and execute strategically aligned, performance based, compensation, incentive programs and business management practices.

Our goal is to listen too, and work closely with each client we serve to understand their problems and needs, and to help enhance their compensation, human resources and business strategies. Our mission is to build lasting relationships with our clients through quality, personalized service.

Specializations include: Total Cash – Total Direct Compensation Market Analysis; Performance Based Incentive Compensation Plans; Sales Compensation; Executive Compensation Studies – For-Profit & Non-Profit Intermediate Sanctions – Rebuttable Presumption Studies; Pay Equity Studies; Immigration Prevailing Wage Determinations; Geographic Pay & Cost of Living Analysis; and Expert Witness Services. Compensation Design Strategies include: Base, Bonus, Incentive, Executive, Board Director Compensation, and Expatriate Assignment Packages.

Our Clients Represent a Broad Range of Industries:
Not-for-Profit: Charitable Organizations; Foundations; Churches-Religious Organizations; Credit Unions; Professional, Business & Trade Associations; Governmental & Quasi-Governmental Entities;
For-Profit: Technology; Software Design & Development; Health Care; Manufacturing; Financial Services; Media & Publishing; Oil & Gas – Production and Services; Energy; Utilities, Wholesale & Retail; Aerospace & Defense; Construction; Telecommunications; & Real Estate